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    Default Any Feedback on La Moderna--Sunset Harbour

    I believe this is owned as the same group that runs Fratelli Buffala??...if so, I only had the pizza at Fratelli and it was the typical Neapolitana that does not float my boat (lot of soggy dough and tomato sauce with a dollop or two of cheese....I much prefer NY style pizza which has flavor everywhere but the crust..almost the complete opposite of Neapolitana style)....anyways, they serve much more at La Moderna, such as entrees, and I was wondering if anyone had a chance to eat there yet and advise if it is good...if not, my go to place Sardinia Enoteca never fails to satisfy me.

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    Default Re: Any Feedback on La Moderna--Sunset Harbour

    Of course I have, was just writing about them today...

    The pizza is in fact the Neapolitan style, so if you're not into that skip it. The pesto gnocchi there is outta sight though and definitely worth a try. As is their veal. The cocktail menu is pretty cool, they've got some Mount Gay rum washed with peanut butter. I have no idea what that means but it tastes like a peanut buttery dark rum, which is really good.

    I'd say check it out and get the pastas. I actually really liked the pizza, but it's the same style as FLB.

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