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Thread: Is There a Special School for Food Servers?

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    Default Is There a Special School for Food Servers?

    I mean, how else can you explain how they seem to have perfected the art of asking me how my food is the very same second they have just observed me shoving a fork full of food into my they want me to spit the food from my mouth into their face so I can answer this vital question???...or woukd they prefer I stick a fork in one of their eyeballs? far, I have managed to contain myself by purposely chewing slowly, without answering their question, while staring at them until they squirm, but one of these days my inner Charles Manson is going to come's the prison food in SoFla??
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    Default Re: Is There a Special School for Food Servers?

    Careful man, we already had one serial killer posting on these boards. The FBI is probably watching us now.
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    Default Re: Is There a Special School for Food Servers?

    And DCJ is absolutely no fun. Don't want to end up there!

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    Default Re: Is There a Special School for Food Servers?

    This leads up to one of my Pet Peeves. It's usually prevalent in Hispanic society when there is a social eating environment.
    Having a go at a food establishment for a few years had witnessed this endlessly.
    Even here, grudgingly you accept the waiter wishing us to " Enjoy." That's tolerable and really means nothing...but eating at table and have five people come up to you and say, "Bien Provecho," while you're eating is considered being formal and cultured. I debate this with many Hispanic friends. I tell them we grew up taking the phone off the hook at dinner. The last thing I want to do is chew my food quickly and say the expected, Thank you. Bien Provecho for me is leaving us the F alone so I can enjoy my overpriced Tempura and at least get 22 chews in.

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