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    Default Restaurants Misrepresenting Food on the Menu

    Warning: do not read this if you are eating!

    Yuck ... Lee Klein from Miami New Times Riptide reports on restaurants that have misrepresented fish, mainly catfish posing as grouper and a type of makerel posing as tuna. Be careful!

    Here are some local restaurants that between January 1, 2006 and January 30, 2007 were cited by DBPR for “Violation 52: Administrative Complaints for Food Services Misrepresentation” :

    Pangasius sold as grouper:
    9/13/06 Doral Seafood
    12/18/06 El Novillo
    1/4/07 La Rosa Restaurant

    Pangasius sold as mahi mahi and tilapia:
    9/18/06 Lombardi's of Miami

    Escolar sold as white tuna:
    8/21/06 Moon Thai & Japanese Restaurant (Broward)
    9/27/06 Sakura Thai & Japanese Restaurant (Broward)
    10/16/06 Iron Sushi
    1/22/07 Sushi Rock (Broward)
    I had a nice conversation yesterday with chef Mark Millitello (Mark's) and we talked about the importance of fresh seafood as well as where they buy it locally. I think it's extremely important for restaurants to be more forthcoming in where they purchase their foodstuffs.

    I agree with Klein, restaurants should be fined even more for endangering people's health!

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    Maria, thanks for brining this to light.

    Sadly, restaurants are not the only businesses mis-labeling items, bars are notorious for pouring cheap liquor, and charging customers for a premium brand. (see: TIP #2)

    At first glance, this bait and switch seafood scam seems to happen a lot in Florida.

    Restaurants have also had problems mislabeling stone crabs:

    Stone crab season, from October 15 through May 14 each year, also provides an opportunity to be alert for unlawful sources, labeling or misrepresentation. Only two species of stone crab - Menippi adina and Menippi mercenaria and their hybrids, harvested in Florida, other Gulf Coast states and the Caribbean – may be labeled "stone crab." NO OTHER TYPE OF CRAB MAY BE LABELED “STONE CRAB.

    It is unlawful to label and advertise Jonah crabs and crabs from Chile as stone crabs.
    Link to PDF

    What other menu items should people watch out for?

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    I think seafood is a big culprit. Did you know that it is extremely rare for a restaurant to have sea bass, though you see it on menus quite often. A substitute is often used as the real thing is expensive and hard to get.

    In New Jersey, it is illegal to misrepresent food on a menu. Why haven't all states put this law into effect? Allergies are so prevalent these days, you'd think that type of law would be a no-brainer.

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    In my opinion I would stay away from any seafood unless you are close to home.I was planning on a road trip a couple of weeks ago and had to put it off for a few days after eating BAD TROUT at a local Cracker Barrel. I should have called them after to complain about it but didn't. I lost about 5LBS. Since I only weigh about 140LBS that was alot for me.

    Neeedless to say I did not eat any SEAFOOD on my roadtrip!

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