When I was in Miami Beach last August, I stayed at the Best Western formally the Fairfield and better known as the Lucerne. There was a Jewish deli several blocks away over the bridge walking distance on S. 41st. Street. It was just reopened at the time and called Pistachios. The owners and staff were really friendly and I said, I'd give it a positive shout out here at MB 411. I found the food excellent. A little on the pricey side but probably cheaper than Jerrys. Then, their menu was limited but, any word on how they are doing and if anyone else has eaten there. The owner was thinking about trying to get that old Wolfie's, Rascall House feel with baskets of rolls. Did that ever happen. I'm routing for them to succeed; especially with Arnies deli biting the dust. BTW, I gave the Best Western very good marks and they have kick ass air conditioning in their rooms as opposed to the Thunderbird and many other Miami Beach lodging establishments. The pool was on the small side but, this will now probably be my new go to place to stay when I visit. The Thunderbird is cool but, their air conditioning is subpar during the summer months and with the death of the Rascal House there is little tethering me to Sunny Isles. Also, the cheap airport bus virtually drops you at the door to the hotel for under $3.00.