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    Default Miami in April - dinner ideas??

    Coming to South Beach April 6-10. Plan on going to Prime 112, Joe's Stone Crab, Lincoln Rd., and Mango's for dining and entertainment. Any other thoughts of fun places to go?

    I have heard and read about Nikki Beach. Any inside info on the place? What to expect and when to go?

    Not much into clubbing but would like to go to places after dinner for drinks and enterainment. Recommednations would be appreciated.

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    Nikki Beach is famous for its Sunday Brunch. Def the place to go, but if you wanted other brunch options, Van Dyke on Lincoln Rd is great also.

    Prime 112 is supposedly amazing, but it is very expensive and you can wait hours for a table. Smith and Wollensky serves a great steak too, and the view is far better on the water in the park. Of the two, I would go there.

    Joe's Stone Crab is great, but they turn the tables so fast, so let your waiter know that you are in no hurry. Your food is out within 2 minutes of ordering and when I went for a nice meal with my family we felt rushed and hurried through our meal. I was not a fan and have never gone back to eat there. Plus, it stinks of sea food. I went back once with Matt Meltzer to collect a lost item for him and my god it smelled bad!

    Lincoln Road is great and I also ate recently at Italian restaurant Grazie on 7th and Washington. Don't be fooled by the location, the food and service is perfect.

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    I agree with Jess about Prime 112. The inside is really nice, the service is great, but the food is covered in oil..way too much. I would have steak at RED, Gotham Steak, Smith & Wolensky, or for a fun experience Fogo de Chao. Dining Experience*::*Fogo de Chao All better choices than Prime 112.

    You mentioned stone crabs, and I thought the ones at Smith&Wolensky were better than Joe's. (You can order them as an appetizer at S&W).

    Definitely check out Nikki Beach for brunch-it's reasonably priced at a very Miami experience!

    I would skip Mango's for dining-just go there for drinks.

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