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    Default "It's like a bad day in Hialeah."

    This is one of the funniest things I have heard. I'll explain.

    I was sitting with two of my co-workers and one, who just moved here this weekend (started work Monday), was a bit concerned about Irene. So we both explained to him the various scenarios and what to do in case a hurricane did strike.

    My other co-worker also gave a brief explanation of what to expect from that various cat hurricanes.

    She was describing a cat 2 hurricane and at one point she said, "Man, that's like a bad day in Hialeah!". While I'm no expert on Hialeah, I found this utterly hilarious. She explained that it rains a lot in Hialeah and it can be pretty intense and it's a common phrases amongst her family and friends (her parents live there).

    I've only been to Hialeah once, but I guess I know what to expect when it comes to the weather there.

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    Default Re: "It's like a bad day in Hialeah."

    I think that phrase could work for a lot of scenarios.

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    Default Re: "It's like a bad day in Hialeah."

    Hahaha. That just sounds like a good phrase for something awful happening.

    "You got fired? That's a bad day in Hialeah, bro."

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    Default Re: "It's like a bad day in Hialeah."

    That must be PRETTY bad. Because I have spent some time in Hialeah.

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