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    Default "Connect with Me" Documentary

    Just posted this one to the Event Calendar. I think many of you may be interested!

    “Connect with Me” is a new documentary that looks at the impact of social media and emerging technologies on individuals and their ability to meaningfully connect to others and the larger community. Through a series of interviews with a diverse group of subjects of varying ages and backgrounds, the film illustrates the struggle that people of all generations are having as they try to find the best way to manage their personal and business relationships via an ever-evolving suite of electronic communication tools.

    The film focuses on such ironies as “being hyper-connected yet feeling disconnected, using media to control our time yet feeling controlled by these media, and having 'friends' we don't want to talk to" explains “Connect with Me” director/producer and amplifyme founder, Scherazade Daruvalla King. The production team includes Oscar winning editor, Loren Miller.

    Shot in and around Miami Beach, Florida, the film mixes live interviews with creative content submitted online to amplifyme by an international group of contest participants. The result is an engaging dialogue on the potential, and the limits, of our 24/7, all-access, wired society."

    FREE Thursday night at the Colony Theatre.

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    Default Re: "Connect with Me" Documentary

    I just might attend...

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    Default Re: "Connect with Me" Documentary

    Sounds interesting! I wonder if you can also catch it online if you're not able to make it?

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    Default Re: "Connect with Me" Documentary

    Sounds good, I might check it out.

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