Sorry your invitation to the SoBe Food Festival
at Fisher Island arrived late.
Mr. Revere was very busy that night, and he
lost one paddle just traversing West Ave..
At least you made it to the Happy Hour
at the iconic Club Deuce. Doorman Charles
Bukowski welcomed you, and valet Jack
Keroac drove off with your sauce-splattered
You missed an exotic SoBe dinner:
Alton Rd. scallops.
Wash. Ave/ trollops.
Fisher Island 'organic snails'.

Joe's stoned Land Crabs
Espanola Way's Slow Simmered Tarts
Transgendered Antelope Chops
Bay of Pigs Filter Fish.
Hummus-stuffed halibut, a Henrosa
Hotel special.

*** Your 'split the check' tariff' will be arriving shortly
via Western Union.

Sorry, forgot to advise my honorable guests, Warren 'forget my
last name' Buffet.
el Sid

Last seen dipping barnacles in butter at Joe's.