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Thread: I miss the the real MB 411

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    Default Re: I miss the the real MB 411

    Quote Originally Posted by rk View Post
    Thanks Blackford, always enjoy your posts because they are so often outside the box.

    re. the topic of this thread, I think a major loss was our late departed friend Fred, sorely missed.
    I miss Garvin too.

    Things change and nothing lasts forever, but a new spout somewhere and everywhere is moaning to bud.

    When the interent was a novelty and we all had AOL, I got attached to a forum on Univision.... specifically the Costa Rican community.It was Heaven and we all called each other primos. I prefer this mode over SM and you might not think it, Univision was the leader in this format with over 1000 community forums before this new millenia. It no longer exits but more importantly, frienships and memories still live.

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    Default Re: I miss the "the real NB 411"

    True story Blackford. I was at a wedding of a former forums member this weekend and people kept asking how I knew him and I was like "Funny story...."

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