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    Default "Miami Beach: The Musical" Wants Your Stories

    This show is being put on by Arts at St. John's, which is cultural programming put on by a very cool methodist church on Pinetree Drive.

    WISH YOU WERE HERE - History of Miami Beach

    When: March 19, 20, 21 - Fri, Sat, Sun
    Where: St. John's on the Lake
    4760 Pinetree Drive
    Miami Beach FL 33140
    Phone: 305-613-2325

    WISH YOU WERE HERE - "History of Miami Beach - the Musical"

    An original production featuring 'your' stories of places, times and happenings covering the past 100+ years!

    The show will offer plenty of opportunities for individuals, organizations and businesses to be part of this show!

    Please contact us if you have stories about living,working or visiting Miami Beach, particularly in its earlier years!


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    This sounds like a blast! I can picture it now...

    - Barbara Capitman, breaking the third wall and narrating the show

    - A Sonny Crocket and Rico Tubbs duet

    - The ghost of Jackie Gleason prompting the evil condo developers to repent.

    But every good musical needs a main villain... Wonder who they'll cast for that?

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