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A restoration is underway. They just approved funding.
Was happy to see hear that tiding one or two months ago. Miami is finally committing about half the funds needed. That's great but it still doesn't absolve the city hasn't done anything for more than 25 years. The city of Miami never had an issue juking us and making a billionaire a welfare recipient and build Marlin's Park with more than 3x the cost that would restore the Marine Stadium.

I have a direct view of the stadium, but prior to that I became interested in that venue. I spent my last night as a LA resident at the Century Plaza. During that stay, the hotel lobby had an educational display of about 20 historical landmarks at risk of extinction. The Marine Stadium stadium display caught my interest. The primary reason for the display was the hotel I was spending my last LA night was also on that endangered list. Two years later, the that hotel was restored and updated via private means. MMS caught my attention because it had some characteristics the Hollywood Bowl had ... and I was avidely there every Thursday, on Jazz nights. Miami tried to go that route and I've donated to Friends of Miami Sea Stadium.. Gloria Estefan made a nice contribution, but that didn't a dent. It's still 25 years which lead to a previous post about the lack of Miami philanthropy. That didn't pan out, but today we read George Lucas is going to fund a $1B museum dedicated to Star Wars in Los Angeles. George Lucas also donated monies to my alma mater that would have rebuilt MMS 20 times over. That's neither here nor there ... and I've never seen a Star Wars movie or care. . Just glad they got the start-up monies finally approved. For a city it's size, Miami lacks musical venues and trails even Nashville and Austin in the arts needed to enrich the citizenry.

I'm not a Parrot Head, but if Jimmy Buffet is around on opening night ... I'll be there celebrating.

It's only a Miami moment because this venue should have been restored two decades ago. There is no excuse why it took this long to have hope it breathes again. Partly corruption and the absence of a corporate presence in Miami are to blame for this gaping hole for so long. Only in Miami would such a venue be allowed to rot all this time.