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    Default Miami Court Rules that Miami cop responsible for death of innocent man

    With all the talk of how Miami police do their jobs, are they more violent when it comes to arresting people and handling situations or is it just that they lack better training?

    An unarmed man was shot and killed in in 2005. The court just ruled that the officer was guilty. This was a statement by the victim's attorney,"This tragedy did not have to happen. Police cannot use deadly force to capture unarmed people who pose no threat of violence to the officer or the public. Miami-Dade police must be better trained."

    If you read the article you can see how the cop had trouble with the arrest. She tazed her partner by accident instead of the suspect. The victim's last words were "You didn't have to shoot me." If you ask me, it does sound like a training problem.

    Here's the story:
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    Maybe they are more violent in arresting people because they lack better training.

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    Default Re: Miami Court Rules that Miami cop responsible for death of innocent man

    All police depts. need to do a better job in the hiring process of disqualifying the power hungry and people with jealousy and anger issues. Then they need to train their recruits better. There should also be a State level IA division to oversee all law enforcement complaints. This independant body will rule out the police policing their own dept's. (gimme a break).

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