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Thread: Living on a boat

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    Default Re: Living on a boat

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Meltzer View Post
    That just sounds awful.
    I know that livaboards are common in the N Bay Village Marina and the Marina off the 395 causeway just past Monkey Jungle. (not docked with power/water, I'm talking marooned in the bay)

    I was recently on a bike ride around FIU Biscayne Campus and that biking/jogging path that extends around the bay before the bird trail goes right up to the waters edge and I noticed 2-3 boats living in the little inlet! Never knew they were there...and there are 2 small 'islands' that are a short swim. I might have to grab a kayak or something and head over there one afternoon.

    Living on a boat at a dock isn't all that bad when you have power/electric and a decent wifi signal. its the people living on the water, anchored that I wonder about...don't you go stir crazy? I guess they have little dingys that get them to shore each day so they can shower?

    I guess its better than being homeless though..

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    Default Re: Living on a boat

    I've actually seen some awesome house boats along the Rhine..... alking about a family with two kids.

    In Miami however, it might be the case of seeing too many Miami Vice episodes. It's as realistic as chaining a Alligator to the stern.

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