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    Default Has anyone here gone to the 2015 Fantasy Fest?

    I went in 2015 to the Fantasy Fest, it was my third one, and noticed a sudden lack of the wildness that I experienced in 2011 and 2013. I went on my usual time (the Monday/Tuesday before the parade). And honestly, the "wildness" that I encountered, especially the guys with the topless ladies, plus the ladies themselves, being like "Hey, whaz' up?" to me, seems to have suddenly disappeared. I also seem to notice much fewer fest goers seemed social with me than in previous years.

    Has there been like a crackdown or something that has actually been executed at the 2015 Fantasy Fest? Or does the crowd change from year to year?

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    Default Re: Has anyone here gone to the 2015 Fantasy Fest?

    I don't think there's been a falloff. I didn't go this year but those who did came back with just as crazy stories as years before Glenn and Janet whent not long ago and would probably be able to tell you better.

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    Default Re: Has anyone here gone to the 2015 Fantasy Fest?

    I find KW different every time I go, but I do also think it has something to do with when Halloween actually falls. Although this past year it was on the weekend so not sure why it was not as wild for you.

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