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    Default Memorial Day Weekend 2017

    Hello Guys

    I'm hoping someone can help me as I'm not sure of locations and areas.

    We're booked in the Fontainebleau on the Thursday and Friday of Memorial Day weekend 2017 before we go on a cruise on the Saturday. We didn't know it was MDW. We were hoping to do a bit of partying before our relaxing week but don't fancy urban beach at all or more to the point the crowds (I've seen the YouTube videos of the pool parties). Do I need to book another hotel and, if so, any recommendations or locations. Also, if we stick at the Fontainebleau will we actually be able to get transport to the port on Saturday?

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    Default Re: Memorial Day Weekend 2017

    Best bet would have been to cruise out of Ft Lauderdale (biggest ships there) and stay overnight there near the beach or Las Olas.

    If you can't do that, the FontaineBleu is ok. They have a great pool party scene.

    Otherwise, maybe book a hotel on the beach in Hollywood since its more lively than North Beach/Sunny Isles/Surfside.

    Saturday is probably the rowdiest day with Fri night being pretty rowdy as well. Its gotten much better over the years though. The videos with the shooting in 2011 (on 13th & Washington, 1 block from where I lived) has mostly been cleaned up.

    MB also banned walking around with open containers which cut down (and also took away the fun of the other 360 days of the year). on noise/partying.

    I'd say the rowdiest part is 5th to 13th from Ocean to Washington and a little more on Lincoln Road & Wash/Collins.

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    Default Re: Memorial Day Weekend 2017

    Which port ?

    If you're cruising out of Miami, you'll totally miss whatever actvity is happening in MB and transport unmolested.

    Enjoy !

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