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    Default Questions and Answers for Transportation in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale

    One of my responsibilities at Miami Beach 411 is arranging transportation for people.

    I'm often asked similar questions and decided to write a post to help clarify some issues.

    Should You Take A Taxi?

    If there are only two of you traveling, and you are flying into Miami International Airport, going to Miami Beach, Downtown Miami or the Port of Miami, it is less expensive to take a taxi than a private shuttle. The rate is $22 to Downtown, $24 to the Port, and $32 to South Beach. A cheaper option is to take public transportation from MIA to SOBE.

    If you are traveling from Ft. Lauderdale Airport, a shuttle is cheaper than a taxi. With no traffic, a taxi from FLL to Port of Miami will cost approximately $105 (each way, not including tip). Taxis don't charge flat rates from Ft. Lauderdale and if you get stuck in traffic, which can occur even on the weekends, you will be charged for the time the taxi sits and waits.

    How far is the Airport?
    The travel time between the Ft. Lauderdale Airport and Miami Beach or the Port of Miami is approximately 45 minutes.

    The travel time from Miami International Airport to the Port of Miami is 15 minutes, to Miami Beach is 20 minutes.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Private Transportation:

    How do I reserve private transportation?
    Just fill out the secure form on this page. If you prefer to make a reservation over the phone, customer service is available at (305) 754-2206 Monday to Sunday from 9am to 7pm.

    How much are your rates?
    Rates vary depending on how many people are traveling in your group and if you need one way or round trip transportation.

    We offer a 10% discount on round trip transportation.

    The rate for 4 passengers, round trip, from the Ft. Lauderdale Airport to the Port of Miami is $194.40. Click here for more rates.

    *A Note About Booking Early*

    Only one transportation company we work with offers our customers a 10% discount on round trip transportation. Once they are booked, the discount is no longer available.

    There are hundreds of thousands of travelers just like you coming to Miami in need of transportation every month. Don't get stuck at the last minute.

    Will the driver have a sign at the airport or port looking for our group?
    No. The driver does not wait inside the airport holding a sign. This will alleviate long walks to the vehicle, making pick up quicker.

    How will we connect with the driver?
    When you are ready to be picked up, you will need to call the phone number provided in your confirmation to be connected with your driver. The vehicle will be waiting at the respective holding area until they receive your call.

    What type of vehicle are we reserving?
    It depends how many people are in your group. Most transportation is provided in a van.

    Will there be others going on this same shuttle?
    No, you are reserving private transportation.

    Do you only pickup at the Airport and Port or will you pick us up from a hotel?
    You are reserving private transportation. That means we will pick you up wherever you are and bring to wherever you need to go.

    Can you accommodate more than 14 passengers?
    Yes. We can accommodate any size group.

    Cruise Ship Passenger Tips

    How do I reserve private transportation to the Port?
    Click here to send us a secure inquiry. If you prefer to make a reservation over the phone, customer service is available at (305) 754-2206 Monday to Sunday from 9am to 7pm.

    We are getting off a ship and I don't what time I will need to be picked up. What do you suggest?
    Let us know what time your flight is and we will help you decide what time is best for your party.

    What if we arrange a specific pickup time but are not able to get off the ship in time, will the driver wait for us?
    If you miss your scheduled pick up time, a new departure time will be scheduled as close to your original pick up time as possible. It is necessary to stay in touch with the driver if you are going to be late.

    What if we get off the ship earlier than expected, can we call and get an earlier pickup?
    If you are ready earlier than your scheduled pick up time, please call the driver. There is no guarantee, but they may be able to accommodate you before your scheduled pick up time.

    Check in time
    Check in at the Port normally starts at 12pm unless you have preferred check-in with the cruise line. There is absolutely nothing to do at the Port - no restaurants, no benches, no shops. If you arrive early into the airport on the same day of your cruise, we recommend these 2 options:

    1) If you're a budget traveler departing from the Port of Miami, arrange pickup from the Miami Airport at 11:30am and from the Ft. Lauderdale airport at 11:15am. (Note to the internet-addicted: Ft. Lauderdale Airport just went wireless).

    2) Arrange transportation for a couple of hours to take you around the city. The vehicle will stay with you and hold your luggage while you have a nice breakfast.

    If you are getting into the port and don't have an early flight, we recommend pickup between 11am -12pm. Enjoy a leisurely morning, with breakfast on the ship, and miss all the traffic leaving the port.

    More Information:

    - Shuttles to Fort Lauderdale
    - Shuttles to Miami

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    This $24 taxi fare from MIA to Miami port/cruise ship, is that per person? There will be TWO of us. Is that the price for ANY taxi or certain ones? If it is a special cab, WHERE at the airport can I find one? Thank you.

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    Hi flyboyusmc, welcome!

    The taxi fare of $24 is per taxi, not per person. All taxis have regulated fares that are posted on the window of the taxi so there are no surprises.

    You can find a taxi outside baggage claim on the lower level of the Airport.

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