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    Default Review of Miami Beach.

    Just thought Id give a little back to this forum that gave to me!

    I just came back from a tour of Florida, and I have to say that Miami Beach was by far the best part of my trip! I feel in love with the place and have already booked a week off to visit again in May!

    I love that you can walk everywhere! And if you dont feel like walking, or your girl is wearing high heels, a taxi is just a couple of bucks. My kind of city. I hate urban sprawl, like I witnessed in Orlando for example.

    I made it to mansion club. What gives? I thought this was some super cool world class club! haha. Maybe its that I have been clubbing around North America & Europe for the past 13 years and have seen it all. But I wasnt really that impressed. And I guess its past its prime at 6 years old. But is that the biggest dancefloor in Miami beach? And the drink prices just made me laugh. Dont forget to pre-drink before you go out!

    On to the BEACH! Wow! The water is so clear I felt like I was in the Carribean, not the states! It was too bad it was so cold the week I was in Florida that I was the only guy swimming in the water! hahaha I had all of south beach to myself! I dont think I will ever go back to Florida in January again though. The weather was just too unpredictable. I came from Canada for the heat, not a nice spring day where I had to force myself into the water. But I cant wait to come back in May of this year when I'm sure the heat will be on.

    I had to go to Joe's stone crabs for lunch as well. Great service, great place, great Manhattan clam chowder, but I was I little let down with the dish that is their speciality........the stone crabs. But that might just be my tastes, and love for the Alaskan snow crab!

    As a huge Architecture Buff, the Art deco buildings lived up to the hype! I felt like I was transported back to the 1930's a few times. Really cool!

    All in all I cant wait to come back, I loved the european feel to the place, and just the overall vibe of the city. Im sure it gets even more intense in high season! And look forward to what else I will discover when I return!

    Thanks again Miami 411 crew!

    p.s shopping down Lincoln road wasnt too bad either!
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    Hi Peelthis, thanks for taking the time to share your impressions. They match mine to a great degree. South Beach can be many different things to different people. For example, I was able to live there just fine without getting into that club thing at all. I was content to hang out at some of the local bars, like Club Deuce, The Room, Zeke's Roadhouse, and The Abbey. I found people easier to talk to in those environments. Back in the 1990s, the club scene in South Beach had a very different feel. It wasn't nearly so expensive, and had a mix of Bohemians, Europeans, gays and straights. Today, it just feels like Vegas at its worst, in my opinion. I completely agree with your thoughts on urban sprawl. It's important to be able to live in a walkable village!

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    Thanks for your review!

    That stinks about the weather..I would try March, April, May next time to take advantage of the beach, which let's face it is the main attraction. There are some clubs that are better than Mansion like LIV and Mynt, but Mansion is always popular. Lincoln Rd is great for shopping and having dinner in nice weather-one of my favorite spots for sure. I didn't think Joe's Stone Crab was anything special but I went towards the end of the season and we got previously frozen crab! They shouldn't be doing that for those prices..we left but wasted an hour waiting for bad food, so it was disappointing. The best stone crab I've had was at Smith & Wolensky, so give that a try next time. And check out the Everglades Tour we do- it's only 35 minutes from Miami so you'd be back with plenty of beach time.

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