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    Default Standard or Mondrian for Memorial Day Weekend?

    Have a friend interested in coming out that weekend and I am aware of the event and crowds.....question--thinking of having him stay at Standard or Mondrian to avoid Ocean, Collins, and Washington completely and focus on Sunset Harbour and Brickell that weekend for fun,...good idea OR will those places be dead with everyone fleeing town for the Keys that weekend and he is better off not coming at all???...only weekend he can visit while I am here.


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    Default Re: Standard or Mondrian for Memorial Day Weekend?

    I'd say the Standard as it's the most removed and accessible from the Venetian. Remember, with the construction to get to Mondrian you have to go up Alton, which also sucks. And will especially suck MDW.

    Also, I know Brickell won't be dead as people who live there (or in the City part of Miami and go out in Brickell) know that area's pretty unaffected by MDW. And who knows, last year I heard it was pretty uneventful so that trend may be dying. Who knows. As far as Sunset Harbour, I don't know, it's still the Beach so I don't venture over that way on Memorial Day.

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    Default Re: Standard or Mondrian for Memorial Day Weekend?

    Eche,: Have you ventured over to Key Biscayne yet ?

    MDW sounds like about right for a unmolested Brickell-centric weekend. As you might already know, beaches of KB I favor over MB. It's subjective. Depends what your looking for. That's where the locals who stay in town, and Hialeah folk will beach and bbq that weekend.

    Yesterday, I spent the day in Miami. Before I checked into the flat, I stopped in KB short of the bridge and had a Miami Herald and a Pacifica at a beach before the bridge for breakfast. Love the place.

    Aside, I remember your visit last year and your notes MDW was pretty tame. You probably know better than most.

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