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    Default Majestic Hotel South Beach

    Does anyone have any experience with this hotel. A friend and I our planning a trip to Miami next weekend for the first tine and wanted a suitable place near the nightlife and parties. I know there is not a pool at the hotel but they said you can use the one in the hotel next to it. Do a lot of single people hang out at the pools or just mostly at the beach and clubs?

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    Default Re: Majestic Hotel South Beach

    They probably mean the pool at Park Central (a much better hotel than the Majestic, but the pool is tiny and no pool scene worth mentioning).

    Avoid the Majestic, too many bad reviews. I posted some alternate suggestions in your other thread.

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    Default Re: Majestic Hotel South Beach

    You'll find single people at the pool parties and pools by hotels, sure. There's actually an article in the Herald today about sneaking into the nicer pools. Can't find it online but it should be available within the next days.

    I don't know of anyone who actually meets people at pools, but mayhaps you are more outgoing. I don't know.

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