I can't personally vouch for this (I haven't stayed there), but I thought this was interesting (via Commissioner Michael Gongora's newsletter). I wonder how many other hotels on Miami Beach are environmentally friendly?

The Clifton Hotel was recently transformed so guests can now enjoy a classic boutique experience; the Clifton Hotel is fresh, hip and eco-friendly. The locally based hotel group, Cambean Hospitality, a locally based hotel group evaluated looked at all aspects of updating the 35 room historic building using resource-conserving technology and selecting environmentally friendly materials.

Rooms use are equipped with an occupancy sensing energy management system as well as a custom designed air conditioning system which is used to accommodate the hotelís need for hot water. Energy use is also minimized via dimmable LED lighting, reflective roofing, and energy efficient windows. Roof mounted photovoltaic (solar) cells are provide 15 kilowatts of energy to the property and a small scale roof-mounted wind turbine is currently being in testing. The Clifton hopes to continue to reduce its energy usage and potentially feed excess energy back into the local power grid. In order to conserve water, bathrooms utilize high efficiency faucets and dual flush toilets.

Many materials such as drywall and carpeting were fabricated using recycled content. All interior paint contains zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Mattresses are composed of 100% renewable materials. Furniture was custom made locally using bamboo which is also used for the hotel hallways and stairways. Linens require less water, detergent, and energy to launder. Pillows are fabricated using recycled bottle material. Room amenity products feature biodegradable bottles and cartons made from recycled packaging printed with soy based inks. Guest soap products are also collected for recycling for charitable purposes assist the impoverished.

As part of its efforts through Cambean Earth, the Clifton also partners with various non-profit groups whose initiatives work who strive toward building a more sustainable environment and who impact our own community in a positive way. To experience the Clifton for yourself or visiting family and friends, visit cliftonsouthbeach.com