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    Default How to find a place?

    I'm looking to relocate to South Beach for the winter, probably for 2-3 months. I'm looking for a fully furnished place, something pretty nice in a good location. Can anyone tell me the best way I should go about looking at places? I've been looking on sites like HomeAway, but photos can really be deceiving, and it's hard to keep calling around to all the owners. I'd rather be dealing with brokers who can tell me the places I should be looking and set up visits, I'd be willing to fly out for a couple days to check places out. Can anyone recommend a site or broker I should contact or a website that is easy to deal with?

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    Default Re: How to find a place?

    I have always used Craigslist and only called ads with a realtors number attached and a professional looking post.

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    Default Re: How to find a place?

    You can definitely find something in South Beach. Look on craigslist under sublet or temporary, or vacation rentals. I'm sure you can find something at the Flamingo in the condo tower.

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