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    Default Commuting to Barry University

    I had needed some general information. I would ideally want to live in South Beach (S of 10th), and will be attending Barry University Monday-Friday. I would be leaving S Beach around 730am and then leaving Barry anywhere from 2pm-4pm. I know that on google maps, it says it would take me 20 minutes, but that doesn't account for traffic patterns. Does anyone have an approximate amount of time this would take?

    I am also still looking for an apartment. The big problem for most is that I have pets, 1 dog (29lbs), and 2 cats. I am a veterinary technician, and it sort of comes with the job. I have multiple references from previous landlords stating that my animals never caused any property damage, and am trying to find private landlords that are willing to work with me on this. If you have an ideas, or landlords,the help would be appreciated. My budget is 1-1300, and my only non-negiotable's are allowing my pets and being able to walk to the beach.


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    Default Re: Commuting to Barry University

    Hi Angelia,

    In South Beach, you're going to be a bit far from Barry. There's gonna be some traffic too. Commute time can easily be 1 hour. Taking MacArthur Causeway and then I-95 is by far you're most direct route. Also check the areas of Mid-Town and Mid-Beach.

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    Default Re: Commuting to Barry University

    Mid-Town will be exponentialyl easier for you. I will say that's not the WORST drive, and actually takign Biscayne Blvd would probably be faster. Go up to 195 and that the Biscayne exit north. It IS a pain, though. Like if you forget something at home, it's an hour plus just to get it.

    Not something I'd recommend, but not horrendous.

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