To start of with, let me state, when I applied for a FL license, getting familiar with FL road laws wasn't required. They just took the money and issued me driving priveledges.

I've made adjustments along the way. California regulations make more sense, and that familiarity I've abided with and has gotten me through. I still think it's BS, all lanes have to stop for a school bus and a non-logical issue or two.

Nevertheless, I'm fuming with the new money grab. Though I haven't fallen victim, I know three persons that have.

Florida law requires you drive 20 miles below speed limit if a cop car is stationed at the roads' shoulder, One's natural instinct goes with this logic, but if a cop car is seven yards from the streets edge, there is no harm. You proceed as natural. Nevertheless, it"s a $131 smack that the city needs.

Just want to point out to all, this is the latest gimmick to gain bogus revenue for strapped cities. Local news in CFL has already pointed that out.

Don"t fall into this BS trap.