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    Lightbulb Relocation/Internship/Apprenticeship Ideas?

    Hi Everyone,
    I've been lurking for a few months, but just decided to sign up. I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas that could help me more easily relocate to the Miami area. I went to UM for just one semester in 2004, but had to drop out for various reasons and return to my home state. I wish to move back to Miami, but the job outlook is slim and I remember how expensive things can get down there. Does anyone have any leads on any apprenticeships/paid internship programs that could help me take the jump down there? I have minimal administrative experience and have been self employed writing and editing for the past few years. I've looked into Americorps, but they dont help with housing and the stipend is around 900 a month, and I know I can't live on that even if I have savings. My resume is ok, but I don't speak Spanish. Can anyone recommend a good recruiting agency or temp agency where I can possibly get some type of contract or administrative work? I will be moving with a car because I know I will need it terribly.

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    Default Re: Relocation/Internship/Apprenticeship Ideas?

    It sounds like given your resume, even if you got any leads the going would be real tough even if you got any contacts. Have you considered going back to school here? That's really the best way to network and find opportunities if you have limited work experience and don't speak Spanish.

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