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    Default Where can I park a moving truck overnight?

    We are moving from South Beach up around 71st and will need to park a small moving truck somewhere overnight. Anyone have any ideas?

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    Default Re: Where can I park a moving truck overnight?

    I'm a little confused. Are you moving from Miami to another city? If so, do you have to pick up the moving truck a day before you move?

    Will the truck be empty, when you leave it overnight?

    Usually, there are a lot of empty metered parking spaces on Collins, north of 85th Street.

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    Default Re: Where can I park a moving truck overnight?

    there's a public parking lot at 72-73rd and Collins/Harding, also. metered rates same as street parking. i believe you can park overnight, you just have to get out there at 8 AM (or whatever time the meters start up again), and pay.

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