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    Default I want to be in West Brickell but I cant go over 1100

    So I don't have a roommate and I would like to be within walking distance of Pericones! I was looking at Tuscany Gardens on SW 3rd Avenue and it seems like a good fit. I wanted to know what you guys thought about it. I would appreciate any feedback. I am single and not making a great deal of money but I know that Brickell is the place to be. Help!

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    Default Re: I want to be in West Brickell but I cant go over 1100

    Tuscany Gardens is a nice complex. I've been in there and looked at apartments and it's fine. I wouldn't rave about it, but nothing bad to say either.

    That said, Brickell is most definitely NOT the place to be. Actually Brickell kinda sucks. Sorry. It's really crowded and very snobbish. And SUPER South American. Like that may be cool if you are South Amrerican, but if you're not it's not a lot of fun. I don't go out there anymore. Ever. Perricones is good, though.

    That said, West Brickell is actually Little Havana. People say West Brickell because it sounds nicer. But it is, in reality, LH. Wear it with pride, we've got the baseball stadium. What does Brickell have? A PF Changs?

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