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    Default Moving to Miami from Rome

    Dear everyone from the staff to all the members,

    Needless to say I'm ecstatic to start a new life in Miami even though I have never visited,yet. Hopefully around September I will have the time to fly there to experience it hands on and search different areas. I have always heard positive things about Miami, the great weather all year round, South American food and well evidently the beach. I will only be transferring myself across the ocean around early January 2013, which I believe will give me sufficient time to deal with any challenges that will come my way.
    Where to start? For the past week I have been obsessively researching areas around Miami which would suit my lifestyle and needs. I have been looking around Coral Gables and Brickell, which seems the most pleasant, safe, and short distance by car to beach and shops. What do you guys think? ( once again I have never been to Miami, everything I have seen is via the internet) ) I am looking for a place, which could be close enough the beach, yet not too much of a commute to the University, FIU, a 2 Bedroom around 1900$. I have seen that most houses/ apts are not furnished nor do they include utilities, what should I be looking out for? I'm not quite sure if this is still too early to start searching for apartments, however it would be great to get a rough idea of the availability and options. Could you recommend any websites or Craigslist type sites?
    As Miami is triple the size of Rome, and that's still an understatement, I can imagine the amount of traffic! How is public transportation? I have looked at many websites for the past few weeks regarding cars and have found many websites including Yahoo autos, Aol, Carmax etc.. Does anyone have any advice concerning this subject? Do I need a Florida's drivers license?
    If anyone else has any further advice concerning Miami and relocating there I would be more than grateful.

    Thanks to all for your help in advance.

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    Default Re: Moving to Miami from Rome


    First, yes you will need a Florida Driver's license if you're going to be moving here. For a visit or whatever, no. But long-term, yes you will. Jess (if you want to PM her) can tell you more about what's required for a European to get a FL DL. She came from England and got hers not long ago. Had to take the driving test though.

    Public transportation is a joke, though Brickell IS one of the few areas you can use our Metrorail. If you're going to UM, Dadeland, Downtown or, starting this weekend, the airport. but not much of anywhere elsse. If you're going to be at FIU, regardless of where you decide to live, you 100% MUST have a car.

    Brickell to FIU is a long drive, and if you get a bad traffic day that can be 45 minutes or more. I'd recommend Coral Gales as a much closer alternative. You can literally take Coral Way all the way there and it's rarely more than half an hour. Don't try living in Miami Beach if you're going to FIU, that commute is going to kill you.

    You won't find a 2 BR house in Coral Gables for $1900, but you can probably find an apartment somewhere. Honestly the best thing to do is come here and either find a realtor to show you around (they don't charge, but many are shady) or just walk around and look at For Rent signs. Craigslist is a scam hub, try and avoid it if you can.

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    Default Re: Moving to Miami from Rome

    "find a realtor to show you around (they don't charge, but many are shady)"

    Hey, I'm not shady! :-)

    I can help you find something if you don't have a realtor yet.

    Are you studying at FIU Main Campus or FIU North/Biscayne Campus? If its North, there is a very nice high-rise building walking distance to the campus with 2 bedrooms in the $1600-$1800 range that include Cable, Internet, Phone, & Water as well as 2 parking spots.

    Coral gables has pricey buildings and older homes that are also very expensive to rent. Plus with you being international, some homeowners won't rent their $400k home to you.

    If it is the FIU Main Campus, Brickell commute would be annoying after awhile. Brickell has beautiful, 5-Star buildings but if you aren't home much, it would be a waste.

    Be careful of Craigslist for scams as Matt pointed out. Lots of people in foreclosure pocketing your money, renting places that don't exist, requiring money upfront, making false claims about the place, etc. Its a shame because that is the only site where you will find real private owners that are trying to rent something but get bogged down by scammers.

    Contact me if you need help finding something or you can email me anything you found online that you want to see if its real or not.

    Good luck!


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