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    Default my daughter is studying in Uni of Miami


    my daughter is enrolling into Uni of Miami in August 16..we are from Malaysia.I would like to enquire about the cost of living there.My daughter is a goverment sponsored student and she will survive by scholarship (which is not much)..appreciate if i could get some advice of where to stay (near to UM ).. transportation..and everything that i should know about living in Coral Gables..tq

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    Default Re: my daughter is studying in Uni of Miami

    You can survive at UM without a car, but you'll be stuck in the UM bubble, and probably have to make friends with cars if you want to buy groceries and the like.

    You can take the Metrorail from UM to Target and Publix at Dadeland to buy groceries and other household items, but the trip back on the train is not fun and it's a long walk from the Metro stop to the dorms.

    Will she be living on Campus? If so, most food can be eaten at the cafeterias, which aren't bad.

    If she's not living on campus, rent in that area for a 1 BR is around $1000. Sometimes more. She'd be advised to find a roommate. If she wants something cheaper, she can look in South Miami (just not the area immediately west of Campus, once you pas the student apartment complexes at Red Road Commons and The Cloisters, it's a VERY bad neighborhood).

    Groceries will run about $50-100 per week, depending of how much one cooks. Electricity is $100-150 a month, more in the summer. Cable and Internet is around $80.

    If she wants to see any more of Miami, she'll need a car. There is a Metrorail stop at the school, but that train doesn't really go to the Beach, Coconut Grove, or really anywhere else one WANTS to see in this city. Public transportation here is a joke, though the train just started going to Miami airport this weekend.

    I teach at the school and went there as an undergraduate, so I can answer a lot of UM-related questions you may have.

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