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    Default Looking for roommate on the Beach or Brickell

    Hello good people of the 411, so I'm currently looking to move out and move to either Brickell or the Beach, but I don't want to rent an apartment, I'd rather just find a roommate to split the bills, so apart from Craigslist, which I'm looking into, does anyone know other places that advertise roommates, or even, does anyone know of anyone in those areas that are looking for a roommate?

    Before anyone asks, I don't mind living with roommates, I've lived with roommates several times before (both in Europe, where I come from and here in Miami) and in general the experience as been very positive, some better than others obviously. As long as before moving in you actually sit down and talk to the person to see if they're relatively sane and normal things will work out well.

    I'm a guy but I don't mind living with either another guy or a girl, actually, so far my roommates have probably been 70% girls and 30% guys.

    Why Brickell or the Beach you may ask? Well, I was used to city living in Europe, walking to places, seeing people on the streets, etc., and after two years of living here in Miami I realized that these two places are really the only places I'd like to live on. I lived in the suburbs when I first got here and I absolutely hated it. I'm now close to Coral Gables, on 57 ave 32nd Street, and it's not that bad but it's still not what I want. Like the Smiths song, I want to see people and I want to see life.

    I work in Hialeah and even though I know the commute would be bad I'd rather do the time and live somewhere I'm happier than closer, like Doral or Miami Lakes, or god forbid, Hialeah, argh, and hate it.

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    Default Re: Looking for roommate on the Beach or Brickell

    Sent you a PM

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    Default Re: Looking for roommate on the Beach or Brickell

    try the local papers

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