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Thread: 30 y.o. Couple looking to relocate! Any info welcome!

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    Cool 30 y.o. Couple looking to relocate! Any info welcome!

    Hey guys! Awesome that you guys have this site are are so active!

    Sorry to post yet another "looking to relocate" post, but thought some would be nice enough to help with our specific situation.

    We live in Boston, and are getting pretty tired of the long and cold winters, and we want to stay on this side of the country as our families are scattered throughout the East coast (DC & Massachusetts). My company has an office in Aventura (off of Biscayne Blvd & NE 203rd St.). She is a NP in dermatology, and knows of many places in Miami looking to hire, so we are thinking Miami could be the perfect place! Problem is, between the 2 of us, we've only visited once or twice, so we're at a bit of a loss regarding areas to live, cool places to hang out, weekend activities, etc. Hoping we can get some tips on places to live, or areas we should focus on.

    - Looking to stay in the $2,000 - $3,000 / month range for rent.
    - At first glance, don't like high rises, feels to Hotel-y, but some we've seen on the internet have breath-taking views/pools that we have fallen in love with.
    - Don't want to commute more than 45 min to/from Aventura.
    - Would like a 2nd bedroom, if possible, for friends to visit/2nd living area, but would sub for a big 1-br if you get more for your buck.
    - Walking distance to beach would be ideal, because I have heard parking can be a REAL pain! If you tell me parking is easy, than I'd be open to that, but wouldn't want to be further than a 10 min drive to beach.

    - We are very active people! Love to be outside running, biking, kayaking, etc.
    - I would say I'm a bit alternative. I love live music, trying different foods, lounges... etc.
    - We do like to go out a lot at night. Restaurants, bars, lounges. Maybe a club once in a while.
    - If it helps, in DC I lived in Dupont Circle, Adams Morgan. In Boston, South End, Back Bay.
    - Enjoy the arts, and also big sports fans
    - I am a native Spanish speaker, she has been learning.
    - Ideal would be a walk-able neighborhood so that we only have to drive if we are commuting for work. (I say commute to work because I don't think that Aventura is a walk-able neighborhood, where I could live and walk to work and also get everything else we're looking for.)

    Like I said, any info. would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance!


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    Default Re: 30 y.o. Couple looking to relocate! Any info welcome!

    You have some good things going for you here. Like you both seem to have good work opportunities and you can afford to live here (Boston and DC are more expensive than here, so you're good there). Plus you speak Spanish.

    HOWEVER.....this is not a city that really DOES much of anything. Sports are not big at all here, so you can tickets to see any of the local teams extremely easily, save for maybe Heat playoff games. But nobody's going to really CARE about sports except for those three weeks in May when the Heat are closest to winning. The arts is bigger than it used to be, but not nearly on the scale of a Boston or a DC. So you may find yourself a little bored in that area. And aside from South Beach or Brickell, nothing here is even remotely walkable.

    You COULD look at South Beach, although that can be a bitch of a commute if your wife ends up working anywhere West. Aventura would be 30-40 minmutes in the morning. Although moving to South Beach as couple is typically not a good idea. It fits your criteria on paper, but saying it's a bad place for relationships would be like saying Iran is a bad place for Jews.

    However it does fir your desire for access to recreation. Lots of cool running to be done on the beach, and if oyu have a kayak you can try and go out in the bay. Jess does that a lot and could give you more details. there's really only one place to bike in the city, Key Biscayne. Which is about a 15 minute drive from the Beach.

    You are a Spanish speaker so you may find you fit in here. If she is not she may feel the social isolation most Americans do when they move to this city. As well as the cultural frustration with living in what is essentially a foreign city. But I suppose that depends, occasionally you get people who come here and love that.

    Check out the article we just did on the topic and maybe you can get a better idea.
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    Default Re: 30 y.o. Couple looking to relocate! Any info welcome!


    If you like the beach life, want to be close to Aventura but not live in that traffic/congestion ridden city, I would definitely recommend Sunny Isles Beach or possibly Bal Harbor/Surfside.

    Sunny Isles is right over the bridge and everywhere you live is walkable to the beach. You can get a great 2 Bedroom for $2,000 like you mentioned and live in either a mid-rise or high rise with amazing views and excellent amenities. For $3,000, you can live in a REALLY nice building on the beach with 5 star amenities (Multiple pools, world class gym, spa/ sauna, valet parking, top notch security, etc.) This is area is coming along with more restaurants and has some chain stores/restaurants as well which you won't find in other parts of Miami Beach.

    If you want a little more to do and really don't prefer High-rises, you can check out the smaller buildings in Surfside (90th street area). Bal Harbor shops right there, nice publix grocery store, lots of little restaurants and some shops as well as stores & Banks. Lots of buildings are across from the ocean as well. A nice 2/2 with parking will be $1700-$2500 depending on your tastes and the building. The Waverly is a great building and there is Part II across from the ocean where its not a high rise, they have parking, and you can use Part 1's amenities but pay less per month in rent. They even have town-homes with private patios and not just condos.

    If you need any help, send me a message. This is my specialty!

    Good luck!

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