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    Default Miami / South Beach jobs! help!

    Hey there everyone...
    I just moved to the U.S. temporarily for a couple months and I am desperate for a job. I wanted to ask you guys if you had any tips or references or basically anything you can tell me about or share regarding restaurant server/busser/waiter jobs in South Beach.

    For instance, how much does a waiter working in one of those tourist lincoln rd or ocean drive restaurants make per month? How hard is it to land a job without having prior experience? and of course, anyone have any better ideas for making 2500-3000+ per month for a couple months?

    I'm 26, a U.S. citizen, and I speak english, spanish and german fluently. I'm willing to work every night of the week, and some days as well but usually I'm finishing up school during the day so nights are preferable. Of course I could arrange things and even work double shifts 2-3 times per week.

    Being a waiter was just my first idea as something I think would be easy to get and would pay off with tips/etc... but I can learn to do anything and am willing for anything.

    thank you all for your help!!

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    Default Re: Miami / South Beach jobs! help!

    We had a similar question last week:

    Recently moved to Miami, looking for a server job.

    Have you been a server before?

    The best thing to do is walk up and down Lincoln with a resume and start asking for jobs. We are coming into season so people will be looking for servers. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Miami / South Beach jobs! help!

    $2500-3000 is pretty ambitious for a server. And the service industry here takes a serious toll because places are open so much later. Factor in school work and going to class and working 2-3 doubles and other nights is going to kill you. And that's assuming you don't ever go out with your coworkers after a shift. Which rarely happens.

    That said, Jess is right a lot of people are hiring. Of course, a lot of people are moving here too so there's a lot of competition. Don't be afraid to lie on your resume in restaurants, since they are checked roughly 0% of the time and if you are good they'll never question it. So much of it is who you know, but if you can get in one spot, make sure to make friends and good impressions on as many people as you can since that'll lead to better connections and better leads in the future.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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