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    Default Living in Sunny Isles pros and cons

    Hi I am relocating to Miami next week and have been looking for a place to live. What are the positives and negatives to living in the Sunny Isle area?

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    Hi Rob,

    I have never lived in Sunny Isles, but it is a nice area. I'm not sure how to say "positives" or "negatives" since it would have to be relative to other areas of Miami. But, there are a few nice things: one, proximity to the ocean, to Aventura (which is great for shopping), and very centrally located in between Broward and Dade counties. If you are going to work nearby, I would recommend living as close to your job as possible, since driving around Miami is a big pain in the ...

    Sunny Isles is mostly a resort-style community, with lots of hotels and upscale condos. But as far as pedestrian-friendly living, probably not the best choice. It is a very short strip of land (in between the intracoastal and the ocean) so technically, there's not much to it other than buildings. However, you're just a short drive to Haulover Park, which is a beautiful beach, plus Bal Harbour and about a 20 minute leisurely drive to South Beach. Please let us know how you settle in and if you have questions about other areas.

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    Hi Rob,

    I agree with Maria 100%.

    What kind of building are you thinking of living in?

    Will you have a car?

    Where will you be working?

    The rent can be a bit less in that area than say, South Beach.

    I think Sunny Isles is a good choice.

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