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    Default Chicago to Miami

    I just moved from Chicago to Miami, after only being here once and that was 5 days previous. I am down here for good with my car filled from floor to ceiling with my all my earthly possessions. I have almost no knowledge of Miami and what I do have comes from the only person I know here, my boss. My temporary housing runs out in a few days and I need to find a place. I am looking for something for around 1200-1400 probably around South Beach. All I have heard about is the Flamingo Towers. Is there anywhere else I should be looking? I am really lost. Thanks for your help.

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    Suzanne C


    Hi Jim and let me be the first MB411er to welcome you to our forums and our Magic City!!!

    Talk about relocating for real!!!

    Um, my best suggestion, since your situation is pretty dire, would be to ride around Miami beach looking for 'For rent' signs. That's about the quickest way to find a place. Other than that, a newspaper, a sharpie and would be your better options.

    Where will you be working? Meaning: where in Miami...

    Your boss must be as cool as mine are for you to have packed your car...

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    Hi, Jim, welcome to MiamiBeach411.

    Yesterday, I was driving around South Beach and saw tons of signs for rent. You should drive down yourself and check it out. It's easy, just drive slow down Pennsylvania, Euclid, Michigan, Meridian, Drexel, and the cross streets and look for signs that read "For Rent".

    You'll also see signs for Realtors -- those are a waste of time.

    Look for the handwritten signs.

    You should also call the phone numbers on this page and see if the apartments are still available.

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