For starters, I love Miami. Mainly for it's landscape which is the principle reason I love Key Biscayne. As you know. I diss MB. It offers me nada. Maybe during the 80's a Tara Soloman F would have been worthwhile. I remain inspired aside Sea Grape.

Anyways, having a place in Miami has been a luxury. We're not FT residents and we're seeing good money wasted maintaining a place there. The monthly HOA is equivalent to three nights at Royal Palms .... but again, I'm not a MB person.

Miami has been a fixture for me since 82. I know the local shit happenings since then. This site no longer has 305 natives, which is sad. A perspective I always cherished as Miami has been part of my life before the local contributors were born.

I didn't hail from a place where ice fishing was cool. Nor a region in the country that Miami was going to spike up my lifestyle. It's a decrepted place that has it's charm. It's not that f'n amazing. It's only 13 sm.

The inevitable moment is staring us in the face. Time to drop off BK. Maybe Bradenton, Hyman Roth's place or Oxnard.

It doesn't really matter.