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Thread: Moving to Miami from Cincinnati, Ohio

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    Smile Moving to Miami from Cincinnati, Ohio

    Hi guys,

    I just joined this site to be able to get some information about Miami's lifestyle and jobs. I am currently 24, I am Peruvian so I speak Spanish and English. I will be graduating from UC next spring with a Bachelors of Science in Architecture (with an associate's degree in Civil Engineering) and I was hoping to move to Miami right after graduation. I frequently visit Miami at least once a year every year and I absolutely love it! I love the culture, the food, the weather and the beach! I was just a little curious and concerned about finding a job in my career? How easy or how difficult would it be for me? What do you guys suggest that I do before I move down there? It would be me, my boyfriend and our two german shepherds moving down :)


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    Default Re: Moving to Miami from Cincinnati, Ohio

    Very hard. Like very very very hard. Have you not read the Forbes lists about worst cities for millennials to find jobs? We're like, the bottom of all those lists. Here it is absolutely all about knowing someone, so if you know people in architecture (assuming that's what you want to get into)here you've got a shot. You speak English and Spanish, so that helps. But most people here do. My recommendation would be coming here for some kind of advanced schooling so you can make connections, THEN go to work. Coming here for any kind of professional job, and not having one already, is probably the fastest way to ensure you end up leaving in under 6 months.

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    Default Re: Moving to Miami from Cincinnati, Ohio

    Also, be very aware of the huge difference in Miami as vacation destination, and Miami as homestead. The latter is really different. Unless you manage to live and work in a place like Miami Beach or wherever you love to vacation, this metropolis may be far less idealistic/idyllic than you now assume.

    Matt is right, job, first. Job, job, job. Miami housing is way overpriced no matter where you go, so you need to land a proper job before you even think about looking for a place.

    And take great care about traffic (no fun sitting in traffic four hours every day just to commute), about most properties not allowing any pet let alone two nice Shepards, and in the longer run about subpar schools and basically anything else that you want to rely on.

    5th year, job from the start, would not be here otherwise
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