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Thread: The upcoming election

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    Default Re: The upcoming election

    Quote Originally Posted by SoCal View Post
    Agreed. The late last call is a selling point for Miami and M.B.

    Even though I am past my prime partying days, I wish Los Angeles would extend its very lame (puritan) last call well past 2am. A quirky state law dating back to World War II era curfews is the culprit. A state senator from San. Fran. sponsored a bill to change the law back in 2013 but it was killed by a coalition that included law enforcement and M.A.D.D.
    I'm past my prime as well but we never had this in LA so I can't say I miss it. My sweet spot was 79-83 of which the last year I was finally 21. That in essense, my group of friends either went to Gino's, Olympia or Osko's. The former two were gay clubs but it didn't matter. And when I brefriened the owner of Circus at my gym, I was let in before I was 21. Since we grew up with that expectation of a 2AM close, right when things in Miami get jumping, the after party was always the thing. But not even today can clubs in LA compete with Miami or Las Vegas and any notion of changing last call is a bad business move. Partygoers in Miami usually don't hit the clubs till after midnight.

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    Default Re: The upcoming election

    That isn't EVERYWHERE the tip is included. You have to ask. I think they count on the fact that people will feel tacky asking, but I have no pride about that. Rather look tacky than look like a sucker.

    Later closing times actually probably REDUCE DUI's and crimes since people aren't all flooding out of the bars at once. Just my two cents but a 5am closing means people leave at staggered (no pun intended) times. So less likelihood for altercations and accidents. Though, yes, I know they still happen.
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