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    Default Pays to Shop Around--Change is Good....Auto Insurance

    seems like the year of change continues....had been a loyal Allstate policyholder for 30 years, with multiple policies....was paying $1600/year for my BMW 5 series in CA...decided to switch to a brand starting with M (not Mercedes) which was only about $10-15K more expensive than the BMW. Allstate Florida wanted the equivalent of $3,100/year for this new vehicle for the same level of coverage....checked with a friend of mine who has a nice AMG Mercedes sports car and he told me to look into Geico...sure enough, same exact coverage with them will only be $1900/ it pays to shop around. Seems like Geico has much more volume in Florida as far as car insurance whereas Allstate is stronger, and more competitive, out West...I've typically been loyal to certain brands but in this year of change, it's been goodbye California, BMW, ATT, and Allstate.
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    Default Re: Pays to Shop Around--Change is Good....Auto Insurance

    Don't forget to include fresh produce. LOL !

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