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    Hey Eddie
    I dont know you, but I know in my gut you have made the right decision. Florida is full of places that are amazing to visit but tough to live in for us "normal" people.

    I love being able to drive 10 mins to have brunch on ocean drive on a sunday after a relaxing night sleep saturday because I don't have drug addled looney toons wandering the streets singing by bye miss american pie in rounds.... I CAN GO TO lincoln road on a sunday without having to think about the domestic distrubance, gunshots, or my neighbors acting as if the eighties never ended the night before. I can't afford to live in a house in midbeach, which is a whole different world, so Miami Shores was the perfect option for me. It's a suburban oasis less than five miles from downtown, causeways, beaches, aventura. FIU is your Miami Shores. I find it really helps to talk about this stuff... Even if you know the answer already, hearing options reinforces it. I can't wait to hear all about your move down here. If you are interested in possibly being a subject for a profile story about your transition to miami, please email me at If you would like to see some of my writing, check out my blog, link in siggy
    You will be quite happy being able to go to all these great fun pla
    Quote Originally Posted by Evaldez
    Hey everyone, thanks a lot for keeping the thread alive.

    Heres an update: Ive spent a while now doing research and its pretty much a tie between downtown Miami and the FIU main campus area. Ive figured that its better to live on campus, with a lot of students and not as desolate as downtown Miami at night.

    Ive ruled out any area of the beach, seeing as the commute doesn't seem worth it, as well as the high cost of food and apartments.

    Somehow I feel that living farther from the beach is better. I can go once in a while on the weekend to have a good time, but I'm really coming to Miami to get down to business and get good grades.

    Once again, thanks all.


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    Hi Eddy, good luck with everything and do keep us posted! It would be awesome if Beccal could write about you!

    I just met someone who is attending FIU South. I think she has to commute a long distance to campus, but I'm not sure from where. I'm hoping to ask her about her experience and report back here.

    Feefay - Morningside & Belle Meade are "old" bayfront Miami neighborhoods with upscale homes, no apartments (with perhaps the exception of a couple of old, low-rise buildings). There may however be folks renting a room/cottage within their property, so check local listings. Both areas are on the bay, on the opposite side of the city to FIU South. Some of the areas adjacent to these neighborhoods are still crack den/hookerville. The contrast is pretty impressive! The whole Biscayne Corridor however is gradually becoming more gentrified.

    There are a sprinkling of high-rise & low-rise apt buildings scattered on the bayfront East of Biscayne Boulevard between NE 15th street & 79th street, but these are not inside Belle Meade or Morningside. If you were to rent in this area, I would recommend only buildings that are gated, with high security and secured, indoor parking.

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