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    Default Moving from Puerto Rico with a degree in Advertising

    Hi everyone. Im 21 yrs. old and Im from Puerto Rico. I graduated from collage like a year ago and I have a bachelor degree in Advertising.

    I decided to travel a bit in September, so I went to visit my older sister in Philadelphia, and then i planned to move with my other sister in Miami. I was living with her in Downtown since end of September until December. I was working in a mall, just a part time job, nothing big. It never occur to me to looking for a real job in my field. I had a few problems with my sister so i decided to move out. I went back to Philly and then when the cold days came i had enough of winter and decided to go back to Puerto Rico.

    Now, back home I want to go back to Miami so bad! I miss my friends, i want to work there, I already made up with my sister and is all fine, but she's living with her boyfriend so im gonna need a place for my own. I started doing research and stuff and I find this site. I dont care where the hell i move, the important thing for me is to find a job... a real one. Even if i have to work as a waitress for a bit but knowing that I have "hope" to find a real job is fine with me.

    My problem is that i dont know have like a plan or something. I know that if I go to Miami I need to find a job real quick, then a place to move but I dont know... im very insecure and afraid that maybe i cant make it on my own.

    So, someone can give me tips or advices that i can use? Sorry if some things are out of context, is way easy express myself in Spanish, but at least I try :) Thanks for reading.

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    Suzanne C


    Hi Ms X.

    Nena, the first thing you need before you decide to leave the Shining Star, is a little confidence. You're the one that has to draw that up. I know it is scary being on your own at first, but that's just the natural progression of life. Besides, living alone rocks. No curfews, no mom telling you to use coasters (although you do so inherently anyway), no weirdness when your roomie brings home a date and you can HEAR sounds :ohh:

    Then you need a plan, also something only you can come up with up. What are your goals? If you intend to work in your field, what do you want to do? Acct Exec @ Agency? PR rep? Graphic Design?

    I know you said 'anything' will do for right now just so that you can move back and be with your friends but you might want to look for something that would look nicer on your resume when applying for your dream job than Belts from India kiosk or Cinna-bun @ Dolphin Mall would.

    Also, you'll need to save money for moving expenses, rent, deposit- general crap, since you need to find a place. Speak with your friends and ask 'em if any are looking for a roomie or looking to move out...or if they know if anyone renting a place out.

    If you're not coming with a car, I would suggest some place where everything is in walking distance. Yes, yes- Miami Beach, you knew it was coming...honestly, it's the only part of Miami where you can actually live without a car. Just keep that in mind when you're job searching.

    Are you currently working in Puerto Rico? If so, maybe your company has a Miami office.

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    Welcome to MiamiBeach411, Ms X.

    Just want to mention, the hottest advertising agency in the world is located in Coral Gables -- Crispin Porter, Bogusky -- they've done the ad campaigns for Virgin Airlines, Mini Cooper, Burger King, and they just landed the Microsoft account. I imagine CPB Group is always hiring.

    Take a look at the Advertising Agency Yellow Pages to find a list of other companies.

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