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    Default Hi, new to Miami Beach 411- COCONUT on the scene

    ANY help or feedback is deeply appreciated!!!!!!!

    Hi, I'm Coconut from the Windy City (CHICAGO). For many years, my heart has longed to be an official Miami resident. I attended college in FL back in 1995, but moved to downtown Chicago in 2000. I am planning my transition back to the sunshine state in 2007, where I can start my life as a “30's something, professional” who loves the beach, the vibrant so. FL community and all things international. I'm looking forward to the ridiculously steaming hot weather, mild winters (by my standards), sunrises/sunsets and quick getaways to the carribbean.


    Does anyone have advice on neighborhoods/ areas to live?(rent $750 - $1000)
    Important criteria: good management, safety, proximity to A beach (doesn't have to be SOBE), public transportation , reasonable amenities, parking, neighborhood CHARACTER/personality

    Could you recommend some decent management companies that have RENT to OWN programs?

    Where could I find job leads in the areas of: customs, international trade, exporting or commerce?

    Could anyone recommend PROFESSIONAL job /temporary agencies? I just finished law school and waiting to take the FL bar. But, I am also open to traditionally non-legal careers as well.

    WHEW...that was a mouthful, ANY help is appreciated!!



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    Hi Coconut,

    Welcome to the Forums! I love your avatar. You seem to be moving to Maimi for all the right reasons.

    Just recently, a few people have asked what neighborhoods/ areas we recommend within your same price range.

    Here are some links that I think you'll find helpful:

    where to live?

    How Much Money would I need to save in order to Move to Miami

    Reasonable Apartment near South Beach

    moving to miami questions

    As for RENT to OWN programs, I don't know of any companies that offer this type of service. Many apartments in Miami, especially in Miami Beach, are turning into condos. The owners ask the residents first if they'd like to buy. If not, they have to leave. No portion of the rent previously paid goes towards the purchase. I like the idea though; it would make purchasing in Miami a little more affordable.

    For job leads, check out this post: Searching for a job in Financial industry

    Let us know if you have more questions, always here to help.

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