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    Default Nicky O my you are not a happy camper party!

    So Last night I went to the Launch of Nicky O party at The Clinton Hotel. Let me list how many things were wrong about it:
    1) The Clinton...I mean there are fifty other more fabulous hotels to have a party.
    2) You would have thought Madonna was there as the AC was either not working or Nicky, like Madonna, does not want to strain her voice.
    3) The so hip it hurts crowd...from that Scortch fella to Richie Rich and the Heatherette Boys.

    I mean really did Nicky come up with the idea for this hotel and the people to be on her team while doing coke in the bathroom somewhere?

    And finally she could not have looked more the project or the crowd... while she texted her friends or perhaps Paris.

    So save your coins people as you too can pick up a Nicky O special for the low price of $500k or if you feel like it the penthouse for a cool $7 Mil!

    Sprinkles and Kisses

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    I take it, this was some sort of launch party for the Nicky O Condo Hotel.

    What special amenities are they pitching?

    What do you get for $500k, oceanview?

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