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    Default Living in South Beach and looking for a roommate

    I've been living in Miami for 10 years, lived everywhere except South Beach. I currently own a condo in North Miami beach, I found out that although the view is unbelievable I feel isolated from my friends (they all live in South Beach). One of my neighbors wants to rent my apartment giving me the chance to move to South beach for at least a couple of years. Now I have asked my friends on ideas on where to rent (places like the flamingo, close to Alton Rd), they all suggested to find a roommate to move with, so my first question is where to find a roommate that wants to move in to South beach and is willing to share an apartment. I have a small dog so there goes the first hurdle. the second is parking, I have a nice car and I've heard that they are a lot of breakins in sobe, also people don't care much when parking and will scratch and hit other peoples car. A solution for this will be finding a place that has parking, now this places seem to be limited. I am looking to pay $800-900.

    Any ideas on website where I can find a reliable roommate?

    Also any ideas on building or apartments that I might look into?


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    Hi, Delta_01, welcome to MiamiBeach411.

    I think it's great you want to live in South Beach. I've lived all over the city, and in my opinion, nothing compares.

    My friend found all 4 of his roommates on Craigslist, have you searched over there?

    There's also a message board at the Wild Oats in South Beach.

    Personally, I think the best way to find an apartment on the beach is to come down and drive around for an hour.

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    As far as where to look, I second all of Gus' seggestions, and also recommend Facebook, believe it or not, as a rather relaible source for that.

    Insofar as buildings, it really depends what you are looking for. View? Location? Parking? Amenities? There are a lot of buildings with different things to offer. For what you are looking to pay, though, I think the Flamingo might be a good place to start (although it would be towards your high end). Maybe Southgate Towers as well.

    Thing is, even if you move to a building with a garage, those places are NOTORIOUS for people scratching your car and driving off since it's even more anonymous there than on the street. Moving to SoBe with a nice car, it's just part of the cost of living there.

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    Hi Delta! Welcome to the forums.

    I understand what it's like to want to live close to friends, but it does seem like a lot of effort, especially since you already own a condo in NMB, which is not really that far, and renting would increase expenses, even with a roommate. I am also wondering where you'd be commuting to/from the beach for work.

    This may sound crazy, but are you really close to your friends? If any of them are single and have enough space, why not try to be an occasional "weekend" roommate to one of them, offering to contribute food or share some expense? Who better to share a space with occasionally than a friend you already know and hang out with and trust? Also, your resident friend can get a visitor's parking pass for you. This way you could have the best of both worlds without the hassle of setting up a second household. It would also give you a taste of living on the beach before making a decision to sign a full lease with a stranger.

    (Couples do this all the time, when one of them lives on the beach and the other on the mainland.)

    And finally, if you must move, I would also suggest you consider mid-beach. It's close enough to South Beach and cheaper, without the major parking hassles.

    Good luck and keep us posted!

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