I'm looking for some information on the Axis on Brickell Condos - we purchased a unit pre construction, and now we've been trying to close on it- needless to say it does not appraise for the value, and we had a horrible time trying to get them to lower the price, they finally agreed to let us purchase a smaller less expensive unit, but that unit also came in at about 20K under the purchase price they want from us, they threatened that we were going to lose our deposit (20% of 760,000.00) if we didn't close on it. So we proceeded to get a loan, which we had however due to the fact that they have not closed on enough of the units, the bank would not close on ours and canceled the loan after months of waiting. So now we're stuck again, either we get ourselves screwed with their in house lender, or lose our deposit! There has to be something we can do! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!