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    Default Any family need a nanny/aupair in Miami area?

    hi, my name is Alicia, from currently living in Miami.

    I would love to find a family/single parent who live with, taken care of their children. i did the same in Liverpool last year during 6 months and was a great experience for me and the family.

    if you need me, please,call, message or e-mail me.....tfn number is 7863011171.
    we could meet each other and i will give you more details from me, references, etc.

    if you know somebody who could needs me, let me know, .

    thanks everybody¡¡ i love this site, without it, i think i never decide to go to Miami, i met really good people over here¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
    thanks everybody¡¡¡¡¡

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    Hi Alicia from Spain,

    I think the best way to find a nanny/aupair job is word-of-mouth from people who personally know you.

    Are you telling your friends and family in Miami about your services?

    Do you have a list of references you can provide, if someone wants to hire you?

    If you were here, I'd suggest going to places where moms hang out (the park, beach, playground) and meeting people. If they're interested, you could then give them a flier about you?

    Don't forget about using Facebook and Craigslist to meet people.

    Miami Beach 411 always has your back. :)

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