Hats off to the Brickell Financial Centre for embracing the green-building movement that's gathering support in Florida. It's the state's first building to be pre-certified under the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system.

The Brickell project—which will include office space, a hotel, luxury condos and a public plaza—incorporates green elements throughout the project:

- Glass with “low-emissivity” coating will allow light to filter through but block out solar heat.

- "Punch" windows will be set in 12 inches from the exterior to provide physical shading.

- A cooling system will circulate water through the building rather than inefficient refrigerant.

- Low-flow urinals and dual-flush valves (one for solid waste, another for liquid) will cut down on potable-water use.

- Rainwater from paved roofs and courtyards will be channeled into large cisterns to collect water for irrigation.

- Developers will avoid adhesives, sealants and paints with “volatile organic compounds,” that emit greenhouse gases.

- Builders will rely on materials with high percentages of recycled content and will try to obtain as many of them as possible within a 500-mile radius to reduce transportation costs.

The project's most significant element is the plaza, featuring two zones:

- A hardscape comprising masonry and other non-plant elements,

- A garden oasis divided by a curved wall of cascading water—the 30,000 square-foot space is envisioned as a place for performances, rotating art exhibits and just plain people-watching.

With all the new construction in Miami, I'm curious to know if any other condo buildings are environmentally friendly?

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