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    Default NYC Area relocating to Miami, South Beach

    Hi Everyone!

    I have been reading several threads on people relocating to South Beach, so I feel like I know a few things or two. But I still wanted to reach out to you guys and ask for some help! I am looking to leave the northeast because frankly, I need to escape the cold, the massive NYC attitudes and insensity, super high prices, etc... I think I am going through my little mid life crisis- LOL, at age 29! Anyhow, after lots of thinking of where to go, I decided on South Beach. I have the beach, sunny days, health conscious city, active people, a bit more affordable than where I come from.

    I am hoping you guys can give me a better idea of where would be a great place for my 1st apartment! Ideally, I would LOVE to be near the restaurants, shops etc, but not too close to the clubs (I need peace and quite). Obviously, I am interested in a safe area, surrounded by young professionals, so meeting friends would not be that hard! Are people friendly out there? I mean, I do come fro NYC, so I imagine people can't be that bad? I have actually been checking out craigslist for apartments, but to be honest, I'm not sure which areas I should focus on. Where is Aventura and Cocunut Grove? And how are they different from South Beach, because I saw that they too have downtown areas? I guess my main focus is being close to the excitment and meeting new people. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would be extremely gratefuk!

    Cheers- Roxi

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    Hi Roxi, welcome to Miami Beach 411.

    Miami is a great city to escape to.

    A few years back, I was also having a small mid-life crisis, and chose to relocate here.

    Aventura and Coconut Grove are both nice, safe places to live, but they don't have that beach community feel that you'll find in South Beach.

    Aventura is where most of the retail shopping malls are located. It's also a large Jewish retirement community.

    Coconut Grove doesn't have so many apartments to rent, it's primarily single families homes.

    If what you're looking for is a little excitment and a nice quality of life, I strongly recommended South Beach. Anywhere else, and I'm afraid you'll be disappointed.

    Hope this was helpful.

    Feel free to continue this discussion, or ask another question.

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