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    Default Living in the downtown Miami Area

    Hey guys,

    I am new to the forum and recently got a consulting job on S. Biscayne Blvd., about where Brickell and Biscayne Blvd. meet, and am wondering where a good area to look for housing would be. I would prefer to live in an actual house over a condo/apt. because I am planning on purchasing rather then renting (and would rather purchase an actual house), but am open to either. I would like to live reasonably close to my work and close to some fun bars/restaurants and am just looking for some insight on the different areas. I have heard that The Grove would be a good place to start looking. Any opinions, pros/cons of close areas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much and look forward to your responses!

    Dan Davis

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    Hi Dan! Welcome to the forums. Wow, you'll be working right at the mouth of the river. That's an impressive area.

    I agree, the Grove, especially south Grove, would be a good area for you. The Roads, which is closer (behind Brickell) is also a nice neighborhood. Brickell itself has a section of homes and townhomes (it's not all hi-rise condos). Miami Ave (next road after Brickell) has some homes but I would imagine they are astronomically expensive. It's a very historic district.

    I'm not a real-estate expert and I don't know what your budget is, but going all along down Bayshore Drive on your way to Coconut Grove (the Vizcaya area) is basically all homes as well. The area is expensive, though.

    If you really want to live close to work, the Mary Brickell village area would be great. There are a number of bars/restaurants there and it's considered the "cool" area to hang out in the Brickell district. You could literally walk to work or take the metromover (above-ground commuter train) if you lived around there. But that's mostly hi-rise buildings.

    Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any more questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maria de los Angeles
    Miami Ave (next road after Brickell) has some homes but I would imagine they are astronomically expensive. It's a very historic district.

    BINGO! When I was reading the question the first place that came to my mind was that really pretty street covered in trees and beautiful houses. Like Maria mentioned, it probably costs an arm and a leg there! But those houses are so wonderfully located it's amazing!

    The Roads is also another really nice choice! One of the concierges at my hotel lives here and their house is really big and very pretty!

    I know the 1060 building in front of my hotel has like... loft/townhouse type places within the building. They are so nice. I often look in to them while I'm eating in our associate cafeteria. (don't worry, my direct view, the places are empty... I'm not being creepy! lol)

    I'm going to stop my suggestions there bc Maria really mentioned all the perfect places for you!

    Oh wait, there's one... Midtown/Wynwood! Some of the areas are cleaning up wonderfully and left behind are these amazing houses all over the place!! Also, you will be close to the Design District which is becoming the hotspot as well as MiMo.

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    Midtown/Wynwood is still probably a little "up and coming" for your taste, but if you go west on Coral Way through The Roads, you get to a fairly affordable area called Shenandoah. Houses there are nice enough, crime isn't bad, and it is much more affordable than The Roads are anywhere super close to downtown. It's not far, though. Even during rush hour it shouldn't take you more than 20 minutes to get to your office.

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