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    Default You're Invited to LaidOffCamp / FreelanceCamp Miami Sat Jun 6th

    On Saturday, June 6, 2009 a host of job-seekers, freelancers, entrepreneurs and startups will attend South Florida's first community-driven conference for creative employment:

    LaidOffCamp / FreelanceCamp Miami

    We live in challenging times with the unemployment rate at its highest in over 20 years. You should attend LaidOffCamp / FreelanceCamp Miami if you are:

    * Looking for creative ways to supplement your income or change your career
    * Running your own business a freelancer, solo entrepreneur or startup company
    * Wanting to connect with creative, friendly and helpful people
    * Seeking employment or recently laid off

    We hope that you have not been recently laid off. But if you have, now might be the best time to start a business or change your career.

    Who is Invited? - Anyone who wants creative ideas and inspiration for finding a job or starting your own business is welcome. You do not have to be unemployed to attend the event. But if during these challenging economic times you have lost your job or are looking for better work then this would be an excellent opportunity to meet people who might be able to help you in your quest.

    Why is it Called a Camp? - Our event is a community-driven conference in the style of BarCamp. Learn more about BarCamp and its history here. “Camp” implies that the event is informal with an emphasis on face-to-face interaction with other attendees. “Community-driven” means that the attendees of the conference actually run the conference by discussing topics appropriate to the subject of the event. The presentation schedule is determined on the morning of the conference and anyone is welcome to present.

    What Does It Cost and How Do I Register? - Thanks to our generous sponsors, everything is FREE! Your conference registration, breakfast and catered lunch are included when you register online. Note: You must register in advance to have your meals included.

    Find out more and register online at:
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    Hi, Rick, welcome to Miami Beach 411. Thank you for letting us know about FreelanceCamp.

    Miami Beach 411 loves to compensate our members for their creativity.

    I look forward to attending your event.

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