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    Default Divorced - Single - 2 yr old. Relocating soon. Schools/Apartments

    I recently got divorced and have been considering relocating to miami.
    I have a two year old son.

    I am familiar with the south beach area, I visit miami at least 3-4 times per year. Now, with thinking of moving there, I am starting to look at schools and apartments.
    I do have friends that live in south beach, but they don't have kids, so they are unable to recommend schools.

    If anyone can help recommend some pre-school/kindergarden schools, even daycare centers close to south beach, I would highly appreciate it. I have tried to research them myself, but it is a bit impossible to find a decent review on them online..

    Also, any apartments that are kid friendly. ( I know it sounds silly, but i guess I am referring to a more-so less party/bachelor apartment type)


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    Pinecrest is probably the most family-friendly area in the city, if you can afford it. Great schools and a very normal area. But it can get pricey, and is mostly large, single-family homes.

    Coral Gables might be a good option for you as it is a nice area and has a lot of families. Others here can give you a better idea on schools, but in terms of neighborhoods those are the two best I would recommend.

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    Think carefully about moving to south beach with a two year old. Pretty much every building is going to have a least a few young party-goer types. If you decide to do it, check out the Waverly or some of the other newer buildings on West Ave or south of 5th. The older buildings are far from sound proof. Stay away from the Flamingo. If I were you, I would look at mid beach. Anything north of 20th st. is going to calm down substantially.

    The best elementary school is South Point, which is in the south of 5th neighborhood on the beach. There's a day care at 833 6th St., but I don't know how good it is. Rainbow childcare is the name, I think.

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    Hi Mayte, welcome to the forums.

    You mention you are interested in relocating to Miami, but that is a far bigger question than focusing on South Beach. The two are not the same.

    I would not move to SOuth Beach with a 2 year old unless I was wealthy and could afford the luxury hi-rise lifestyle and had the option of keeping my kid at least partially sheltered from all the ugly stuff, not that I would try to raise a kid in a complete bubble. But you know, you find homeless people and crack heads sleeping in front of South Beach Elementary every day, so that's something to consider.

    Mid-Beach, as Talmage, suggests, is far more family friendly, but still very close to all the action. There is a Montessori school, as well as a public elementary school, a catholic elementary and several Jewish educational institutions. It's also home to a youth center with lots of activities for kids of all ages, Scott Rakow Youth Center.

    South Beach/mid-beach are not really far apart distance-wise but are different in terms of lifestyle. WHile the number of apartment choices are more limited in mid-beach, chances are they will be more family friendly.

    The condo I lived in for for years in mid-beach had kids mixed with retired people and young professionals. It wasn't a fancy place but it was perfect for the combination of different lifestyles and there were no obnoxious party people there either.

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