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    Quote Originally Posted by Maria de los Angeles
    Quote Originally Posted by LowDog
    Dont know, they dont even have very much outdoor light.

    ONLY thing that bothers me is that there are no lights at the outdoor pool area at night (there never was any). But i am looking forward to the invite when you are throwing a party at 50 Biscayne :- )
    Hey Low Dog -- so Everglades doesn't light its pool area at night? That sounds pretty cheap to me and possibly in violation of common area rules.
    Well they got lights IN the pools under the water but there is no light when you walk around, so it is pretty dark. I dont know how the regulations are.

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    yeah that is the pool that i am looking at from my building and nobody is ever there probably because there's no light! Low dog you got a great deal in that building just use the other pool haha

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    Lowdog, I can't tell you for sure, but I think it stands to reason that not illuminating the walkway around a pool at night is pretty much a safety violation. Grounds for protest.

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